Prices and Ordering Info

-->For ordering in Utah please contact
Terrel - (801) 505-3147 
Cindy - (208) 670-5725
Email -
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* If you are not from Utah, please see the "not from Utah" tab to find other representatives in different areas, or email Grandpa at

**Prices in Northern Utah from Logan to Nephi

45 lb Buckets
Hard White Wheat               $28.50*
Hard Red Wheat                   $28.50*
Soft White Wheat                 $27.00*
Pinto Beans                          $51.50*

12 lb (1 gal.) Bucket
Honey                                  $42.00*
24 lb (2 gal.) Bucket
Honey                                  $77.00*

45 lb Bucket
 Dried White Whole Kernal Sweet Corn     $45.00*

**Prices in Southern Utah from Fillmore to St. George and Price to Monticello areas

45lb Buckets
Hard White Wheat             $30.00*
Hard Red Wheat                $30.00*
Soft White Wheat              $28.50*
Pinto Beans                        $53.00*

12 lb Bucket
Raw Honey                         $42.00*
24 lb (2 gal.) Bucket
Raw Honey                         $77.00*
45 lb Bucket
Dried White Whole Kernal Sweet Corn     $46.50*

*Prices are subject to change due to gas prices
**Sales Tax may apply based on local and state laws

Since we are a smaller company, we are unable to deliver partial shipments to any given area. A full load to Northern Utah consists of 150 45lb buckets and 240 buckets to Southern Utah. Therefore if we do not have a full 150 or 24 bucket load by the delivery date, we will have to reschedule the delivery to a different date. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates but high fuel costs make this a necessity.

A general delivery location and time for your area will be given in advance so you can make arrangements to pick up your order at that time. The buckets may be brought directly to your house with an order of 40+ buckets (not including honey). Even though a 40 bucket order will be delivered to your home, we still need to meet our total load quota for the area before we can make the delivery.  Each bucket weighs 45lbs, so make sure your vehicle can support the weight, especially for larger orders.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Grandpa's Grain
1. Grandpa uses only organic-based fertilizer and minimal amounts of chemicals on the grain
2. Grandpa cleans his products in a 6-part cleaning process to give you the cleanest products available
3. Grandpa uses the best food-grade buckets on the market, they are not recycled plastic and our lids are gasket sealed, not an O-ring that could roll when put on and compromise the air tight seal
4. We guarantee our products for 20 years, if stored in a cool dry place
5. Our products are treated with diatomaceous earth, which protect them against mold and critters (ew, bugs!)
6. High protein levels of 14%+
7. Our products are non-GMO
8. Our wheat is high quality because it all comes from one farm and one field, not a mixture of different qualities
9. You are supporting the farmer, not a large corporation
10. You can have peace of mind knowing you have the highest quality products for your family now and in the future.

Useful Information:
~ 45 lbs of wheat berries in a 6 gallon bucket will yield approximately 158 cups of flour
~ 1 cup of grain yields approximately 1 1/4 cups of fresh milled flour
~ 5 lbs of wheat berries is enough for about 18-20 cups of flour, which is enough for five, 1 1/2 lb loaves of bread.