How long have you been in business?
Grandpa's Grain has been in business since January of 2009.

Why buy from Grandpa's Grain?
We are very much involved in supplying customers with bulk food supplies.  We only sell what we grow on our farm, or what our friends (neighbor farmers) grow. That way we can always assure our customers they are receiving the highest quality products available.  We can also guarantee that the raw foods we sell have not been "blended" with other less quality food, as the big retail stores do.
We are always looking for good, honest people to represent us in the area they live in.

Where have you made deliveries to?
Deliveries have been made to:
Salt Lake City, UT
St. George, UT
Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson and surrounding areas in Arizona
New Mexico
Southern Idaho

What makes Grandpa's Grain wheat a better option than other wheat in stores?
Grandpa's Grain wheat comes directly from the field with a guarantee of at least 14% protein.  The greatest care in cleaning is top priority.  Wheat that comes from mills and then to the store cannot guarantee that the wheat all came from the same field.  Many types and protein percentages can be combined into the wheat that you buy from a store.

How long is the shelf life of honey?
Forever.  It is raw honey and the buckets they are stored in have a shelf life of 200 years!

Is weevil a problem to be concerned about?
A couple things to know about weevil.  First, weevil, or their eggs are everywhere. they can travel long distances in the wind, on clothing, on vehicles, boxes etc. The thing to know is they are every where and probably always will be.
Second, if you kill all the live weevil, you will still have the eggs, which are microscopic in size to deal with, when they hatch.  
As I have studied the process of sealing a bucket, it is my understanding that dry ice is one of the better ways of removing the oxygen .  Without oxygen in the bucket, adult weevil cannot live.  However, the dry ice process does not kill the eggs. If over time those eggs hatch, and there is the slightest amount of oxygen in the bucket they will live and destroy the wheat.
We have chosen the packets to remove the oxygen , rather than dry ice, which also can be very unpredictable, and more expensive.  We use extra heavy buckets, that allow us to use extra amounts of oxygen absorber, that essentially "Vacuum" pack the wheat.  Heavy buckets also slow the transfer of oxygen into the buckets better than a lighter wall bucket.  In the event that a weevil egg survives, and eventually hatches, it will be killed by the diatomaceous earth.  So the diatomaceous earth becomes our back up plan if everything else fails.  To some it may seem like "overkill"- no pun intended- but I feel it is by far the best way to package our products for long term storage.     -Lynn

Are the products organic?
Our products are not Organic and are not considered GMO varieties. However, we do use Organic based fertilizers to grow the crops.  We also take every precaution we can to avoid using excess chemicals of any kind.  Our farm is located in an isolated area, which also helps us avoid drifting chemicals or fertilizers from other farms.   I would be happy to answer any other questions you or customers might have about the way we grow our products.   -Lynn

Why mill your own flour when it's so readily available?
Commercial mills remove 30 percent of the wheat kernel, removing the most nutritious part of the grain to make white flour. Commercially milled flour also removes all of the wheat germ oils to prevent it from going rancid and preserving the flour's shelf-life. Ninety percent of the nutritional value of the wheat berry is contained in the wheat germ. Wheat germ oil has almost no shelf life and becomes rancid very quickly. Rancid oil is a carcinogen; government health regulations require the removal of the wheat germ oil from all commercially milled flours to ensure safety. Milling your own flour not only ensures that your flour is as nutritious as it can be, it has a wonderful taste that is lost to commercially made whole-grain flour. Whole grains are important for numerous reasons: strokes, heart attacks, clogged arteries and cardiovascular problems can be prevented when whole grains are eaten regularly.